John Lauer John howz it, Hoping you can help this islander out.

John howz it, Hoping you can help this islander out. I have my Ox running on TinyG and am looking at adding a laser. Downloaded Laser Etch from JTech photonics to give it a try. When I load the Gcode in chilipeppr it starts off ok and then pauses. I can jog to Gcode location just fine before running the file but when I try to run the file it moves the X & Y to the start position for the laser and just stops.
Also if I aboard the file my TinyG remains locked up even after I wipe the buffer I can no logger jog or control the CNC. I have to hard boot TinyG and reload Json before I can get things running again. Any clues on what might be going on? Mahalo for your help.
If anyone else has experienced this or is successfully running the JTech laser etch Gcode on TinyG and chilipeppr I’m all ears thanks!!!

I’m wondering what the Gcode looks like? Does the laser just turn on from a spindle on/off command? Or coolant on/off? Or does it have an axis like S or L in the gcode and could that be crashing the TinyG? What does the line of gcode look like where it freezes?

John thanks for the quick response. I’ll double check the Gcode when I get home but what I remember seeing was a stop at line 29 where a M106 S15 line of Gcode is. Just before that I saw an M107 line of code which executes. This is the preset in laser etch to turn the laser on M106 and off M107.

Can you post gcode for somebody else with TinyG to test? My best guess right now is TinyG crashes but not sure

Sure what’s the best way to do that? Copy and past it from Chillipeppr?

Matt - I have been playing around with a 6w laser diode and trying many different settings and software trying to get the best results. I plan to try Laser Etch next. I’ll let you know if I have the same results.

@Phil_Aldrich that’s great Phil thanks I’d appreciate that.

Hey haven’t forgot about this, it’s just the last few weeks have been completely nuts for me. Haven’t had a chance to get to my cnc.

I did try a short test with laser etch. Seems to do the basic functions ok.

@Phil_Aldrich Phil that’s great to hear. What Gcode did you have set to turn laser on and off? Also what firmware version are you running on TinyG? Thanks! I am hoping this weekend to get some free time to test again myself.

I use M3 & M5 to turn on/off the laser. I use the spindle speed (Sxxxx) to control intensity. I am running firmware build 440.20 with a TinyG v8

Awesome I have same firmware and version of TinyG , I will try adjusting my Gcode to M3/M5 to see if I can get it to work. Sounds like you have the laser connected to the TinyG PWM output in order to control intensity. I’m thinking I can setup a switch to toggle between spindle and laser since we only have one PWM output on TinyG. Thanks for sharing your results! @Phil_Aldrich

I built a simple digital switch with a couple of transistors that I connected to the PWM output of the TinyG. It turns on and off the laser power supply. Seems to work well. I know you can buy the laser drivers but I had the parts on hand and it was a nice way to do a little circuit design as well.

Nice! Love the ingenuity. I’ve been looking at the 2.8watt laser kit from It’s a little pricy but I like the features of the laser driver. Getting ready to hit the buy button soon. For a minute I was seriously considering building a whole new unit just for the laser and running it on an Arduino GRBL board. But that will cost me closer to $700, double the price of the laser driver combo. If I can get good results with the TinyG I think I’d prefer that route for now.
I will share my results too. I know some people have been successful with a laser on TinyG. Well you and John are the only two I know of so far. More documentation will help the next guy. I’m hoping to get picture quality images using the JTechphotonics software with my laser hooked up to the PWM on TinyG.

Did you watch my red solo cup last video on YouTube. You should consider that driver for $9

@jlauer I did watch that video just yesterday. I saw that laser driver you mentioned I think you bought it on alixpress? Do you have a link you can share with me. The one I’m looking at is over $100! Also I noticed you have TinyG V9 in your cnc 3040 conversion video. I’m assuming you got an early version of the V9 for testing? I could not find a V9 anywhere on the net. I like the Molex connectors they put on it. and the v9 in my video is not available, but I would recommend v8 still. In that recent red solo cup laser video I was using a v8. Make sure you are very careful on the spindle output though. I blew a v8 by trying to hook up an ammeter to the laser driver which sent 12v into the spindle pin (i think) and blew the whole board.

Aw bummer on the board blowing. Thanks John I will take a look at this driver. Hoping to have a laser up and running in the next month or so. @jlauer

What laser are you using?

I used a programmable buck boost supply (about $15) to supply the power to the switch. I’ll post the info and see if I can draw up the circuit for the switch. It cost < $10 in parts and is easy to breadboard. It’s only a few parts.