John Lauer  It has never dawned on me until I run chilipeppr on a

@jlauer It has never dawned on me until I run chilipeppr on a laptop or an older machine that it is VERY cpu intensive. It always use up 100% of at least one CPU if the tab is in the front (with webcam). I don’t believe the processing power goes into the webcam widget since turning that off does not reduce the processing power. My guess is the visualization of the 3d widget is taking up much of this.

Needless to say, accessing chilipeppr from a mobile browser will crash that browser if one is lucky. In my case, it completely freezes my Nexus 5. :expressionless: All this in the name of modern is a good trade off. However, I think I will be submitting a new workspace called “light”. It will not have the 3dviewer, it would only has very few widget and a big red button that says: FEED HOLD :D. I think it will fit the niche of those people who wants to let it run while chilling out with their spouses yet still have the ability to glance at the job progress once in a while.

What do you guys think about this idea?

I think that’s an AWESOME idea. Truly. That’s like one of the best reasons to have Workspaces. If you look at IDE’s like Eclipse, the workspace notion is that you can relayout stuff for different use cases, i.e. debug vs editing.

BTW, that 3D Viewer goes to sleep after about 5 seconds of no updates. It also goes to sleep if the tab is in the background. So, if you are running a job and put the tab in the background, it doesn’t bother updating the 3D viewer. I put a lot of work into having the 3D viewer go to sleep. I’ve been thinking of cutting in half the fps though. It does about 45 fps and dropping it to 15 fps could be fine. That would help.

I think it is fine as it is. We are targeting modern machinery after all. There is always the light workspace upcoming :).

BTW, ChiliPeppr runs amazing on my Galaxy S4. The 3D Viewer is buttery smooth on it. I have to use Chrome though on my Android phone, not Samsung’s browser.

Could be a nexus 5 issue with lacking processing power.

+Peter van der Walt Is it the 3D Viewer you would say is dragging it? I think on older machines there is no GPU acceleration, so that would kill performance. Or, is it the DOM updates like the Gcode Widget scrolling, the Axes Widget updates, or the Serial Port Console? My best guess is 3D Viewer, and if so I could add a frame rate pulldown to drop frame rates to 1fps even.

I do think though, the model for ChiliPeppr is to run the UI on your powerful desktop/laptop and toss Serial Port JSON Server on your old crappy box, or a Raspi, or a Beagle Bone Black and go that route. Not sure it’s worth trying to make ChiliPeppr run great on crappy old boxes. Although some level of refinement is ok. I run the SPJS on an old Windows Vista box and share the webcams from it. I run ChiliPeppr on my bad-ass Win 8.1 Samsung laptop with the most amazing GPU on the market.

Just posted an update so you can toggle the fps on the viewer. See if that helps.