John Lauer I was wondering if you have heard of additive machining on a

@jlauer I was wondering if you have heard of additive machining on a lathe? Is there any Chilipeppr code?

I’m not John and I may or may not play him on tv. Additive manufacturing is 3D Printing. So do you want to 3D Print in 4 or more axes? The slicing requirements for that would be way different.

@raykholo I want to 3D print on a spindle. I cut on a lathe. Why not spin up a part?

What happens if you just swap the X for rotation like we do on CNC engraving?
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I have not heard of this, but doing 3d printing on a lathe sounds super cool.

@Steve_Anken That is amazing!

I think ppl do that on reprap. I think you can do it with Marlin firmware. I’m not sure if that is what you are talking about. Also, I’ve actually seen that Mach now has some code for 3D printing. I’m not sure how the results would turn out with real heavy gantry. You’d likely need pretty fast & strong motors to do it on your lathe. You’d also need an enclosure if you plan on printing anything other than PLA, which I don’t think you would without heating the table, which also would be a pretty powerful PSU, I think. In summary, you can do it, but it would be easier & much less expensive to either buy a 3D printer kit or build your own.