John Lauer have you given consideration to building a widget similar to eagle board

@jlauer have you given consideration to building a widget similar to eagle board import but allow gerber and excellon files to be imported and use the same interface as the eagle widget to control the settings? I’m using and flatcam as my workflow but there are many other programs similar to eagle.


I polled the community a while back asking if gerber import was requested.
A lot of folks were still using eagle back then. Granted, certain things have indeed changed since.
The main concern is we lose a lot of metadata by getting gerber instead of all the “smart” info in the eagle brd file.

If you’d like to try coding something like this up yourself, I can recommend checking out the source of mayhewlabs’ 3d pcb renderer, it is also in Three.JS. I actually considered using their code to create a “dumb xml” that mimicked the eagle.brd so we could pass whatever info is available back to the eagle importer without having to change that.
The alternative is to write a new set of all the rendering, clipper, and gCode generation functions.

I agree with everything @raykholo said. I do think it would be valuable to have Gerber import, but you do lose some of the nice metadata that comes with the Eagle file. I do think one possibility you could explore is to convert EasyEDA to the array format in the Eagle widget and then let the widget do it’s magic from there. For example, the array format in the Eagle widget is a list of signals, pads, vias, and ground planes. Each of those are lists of xy values defining the polygon. So, you could just get EasyEDA into that structure and you’d inherit the rest of the magic.

BTW, I just used the Eagle widget again this weekend to crank out some optoisolator boards and it worked like a damn charm. My favorite feature is the tabs you can add to the board dimension milling.

@jlauer The challenge I’m having is that EAGLE UI is not intuitive and lacks a lot of the ease of use capabilities for a hobbyist like me that Kicad offers. Kicad is now my tool of choice. Just wish I could import the Gerber files into the Eagle widget and go from there. My workflow now includes Kicad > Flatcam > Chilipeppr

Interesting, I’m still using eagle because I can’t get the hang of KiCad.

Had access to Altium and did a few basic boards there last year but did not get very far over the learning curve.

I think it would take community members to help support other pcb editors. All of chilipeppr is open source and it is easy to fork the eagle widget to a kicad widget, but parsing their files is probably the hard part.