John Lauer Found today,

@jlauer Found today, use a ESP8266 chip to connect a RPI Zero to Wifi without using an USB Wifi stick. This means, you can use a zero as SPJS Server :slight_smile:

This is awesome. Was just thinking about how to do wifi without hacking open a USB adapter and tying up the USB port yesterday. This should allow the Pi Zero to get embedded into a machine controller board via soldered header with a ESP8826 next to it.

TinyG2 + Wifi Enabled Pi Zero all on one board, anyone?

+Peter van der Walt, thoughts?

I was wondering if an ESP8266 could be used to enable the Rpi zero. This is cool. Is he just connecting it to the UART and then piping the data somehow to the TX/RX via some fake driver?

@jlauer Check the First Link please, the guy’s create a new kernel driver that deliver a wlan0 interface. Communication are over SPI, they’re use a trick to care about the flash on esp8266.

They realised that the esp8266 is very similar to an existing Wi-Fi chip already supported by linux. By connecting over sdio, they can push the firmware for the other chip to it, and have it behave accordingly.

I love it. These esp8266 chips are the best thing that happened to IoT. No wonder I put a bunch of work into that NodeMCU workspace so I could way more easily manipulate the heck out of these chips.

I’ve been looking at these chips. So Awesome that you have a workspace!