John Lauer esta es la razón por la que debo usar ethernet shield.

@jlauer esta es la razón por la que debo usar ethernet shield.

I got a 15’ USB cable for charging my android devices. They do make long cables if you know where to look. This is not an argument against your solution. It is just informational.

@NathanielStenzel para programar el arduino uso un hub usb sin problemas pero para interactuar entre SPJS y arduino ethernet shield necesitaría mas de 15’ de cable usb porque esta montado en el carro y este se mueve por todo el eje X

There are some who use a raspberry pi with wifi or ethernet cable to run SPJS, but I imagine your other device is not too expensive. Of course, a raspberry pi can be as cheap as $5 anymore if you are lucky to get some of the limited supply pi’s at that price. How much are etheret shields? Is there a lack of chilipeppr support for them?

@NathanielStenzel @jlauer
SPJS has the objective of communicating by serial port to your IOT device because your device does not have an ethernet or wifi port, but what happens when that device places you away from chilipeppr, well no problem you connect it to raspberry pi and it’s fine because you Device does not have network or wifi, and if you have more than one IOT device you will have to deal with many SPJS, but if your device has network or wifi, why would you need to go to ask SPJS permission if you can go directly to greet chilipeppr.

Chilipeppr does not need to be on the machine that is connected to the router. That machine needs SPJS. I do not know the difference between SPJS talking to it and ethernet to usb devices or simple plugs talking to it. If using an ethernet to usb adapter works, that would be interesting and useful information. So would knowledge of how you talk to the device via whatever device you use.

@Oleo_nunez oh right…why not go directly to chilipeppr gor the data connection you ask? Because chilipeppr runs in a web browser that does not have direct access to your ports

Yes he will have access to my ports because I can tell chilipeppr what they are and in what direction is my ethernet shield.

What chilipeppr should do is receive status reports from my ethernet shield, and he can also respond to them.

@Oleo_nunez can you access them via http request? If not, I doubt a browser will work for controlling your devices.

Localhost:1234 sort of port? Or com1 sort of port?

IP:1234 port

Ahhh…so you would just have an http request that has different data than the json that jsps uses. Okay. Now I understand.

Why don’t you just do an ajax HTTP get from your ChiliPeppr widget to http://localhost:1234 every second to see if there’s any updated data.