John Is there way to run a small job just to see how it

John Is there way to run a small job just to see how it go’s?

Gary, especially since I am new to this, I ALWAYS run a job with the mill off and z-axis “zeroed” way too high so I can see what its going to try and do.

I recommend giving that a try.

And the default ‘job’ that ChiliPeppr loads with (the logo) is pretty small…

Kevin Hi, thats what i did but the chili job started crashing into the rails all over the place

Have zeroed out all the axis properly? Keep in mind I have no idea what your level of CNC experience is outside of ChiliPeppr


OK, so lets start with 'have you set proper values in the different tinyg parameters?;

It does not come properly tuned…

I bought the TinyG and thought it would be simple but the more i read the more i got confused.

i see, that do i need to setup?

I’m Shapeoko 2 with nerva 17 and the tinyG

I don’t think any of the interfaces are ‘simple’ because the manufactures don’t know where you’re going to use them. This page might help get you started: Right now we don’t have any “canned” setups though its on the plate. There is a configuration utility you can access from the TinyG widget (click on the gear). You’ll still need to reference proper values for your machine.

Ok not sure about the commands. Do you know if i copy what i see on the command line ?

Oh by the way thanks for your help!

Most of the settings are available in the config widget. You can get to that from the TinyG widget, which is center-right. Click the gear. But you’ll need to do the research to figure out the correct values if you have any differences from a standard S2.

Kevin can you tell me a little bit about adding the commands to the G?