Job stopped at about 75% done I was cutting a toolpath from ArtCam express

Job stopped at about 75% done

I was cutting a toolpath from ArtCam express (using ChiliPeppr-grbl with Xcarve), there were two pieces side by side. Roughing pass OK on both, finish pass on 1st OK, second piece finish pass stopped about 50% finished.

I was away from machine at the time, but the machine still running, just not movind in “X” direction. No alarms shown, nothing I could see in the Gcode. Unable to restart. Gcode file approx 2500 lines.

Computer set to not go to sleep on long jobs (about 4 hours) Able to salvage 1 piece, will redo 2nd.

Any suggestions to prevent further occurance?


Screenshot? They tell us all we need to know about versions of things you’re running.

I had similar issue and found that machine stops unexpectedly at the same time when power supply fan starts spinning. Added capacitor to the fan wires and optocouplers and Schmitt triggers to separate all logic signals and get rid of the noise. I also changed settings of the USB and network adapters in the ‘Windows Device Manager’ -> ‘item properties’ -> ‘Power Management tab’ to disable ‘power saving’ mode for those devices.

Maybe you can also check the javascript-Console for JS Errors. If ur machine stops again, please use “CTRL+SHIFT+J” to display the JS Console .

I had a similar experience running everything through an RPI. I think I had to much going on with the RPI (2nd gen). Once I switched back to a Win based device, everything seemed to work consistently.

Are you using dust collection? A big static discharge spark can cause things to stop.

Thanks for comments.

  • I will make a screenshot if and when I have a problem again. I jut looked over the screen and didn’t see anything out of the ordinary, but I am no expert.
  • Same with JS console, next time.
  • Re RPI, not sure what the initials stand for.
  • Re dust collection, I use a dust collector and collect airborne dust, so don’r think static was an issue.


well, just to make sure we’re on the same page… it is the dust collection that causes the static… not the dust.

I do not use Shopvac but rather a 4" dust collector, I have a 2.5" hose and a wide “dust sweeper” attached. It sits behind my X-carve and draws airborne dust into my collector. Have not had a problem with static with this setup that I am aware of. Used similar setup for years with my wood lathe.

I also have a Shopvac that I use to cleanup after the job, and it can and does give off a static zap occasionally.


@Bob_Hewson Sorry, RPI = Raspberrypi