Jittery Movement at slow speeds

(Shane Lillya_SW) #1

Hi all. So I just got the smoothieboard hooked up. I used to use a tinyg, but I’d like to have my CNC also work as a 3D printer, so I purchased a smoothieboard. When traveling at higher speeds everything works fine and it has smoooth movement, but when I ask for slower speeds (~100mm/min) the movement is very jittery or jumpy. I am using the smoothieboard to drive external drivers, not sure if that could have something to do with it. does anyone know why this could be happening? Thanks!!!

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(Arthur Wolf) #2

Hey :slight_smile:

Can we see your config file ? I have a CNC mill and I don’t see that t low speeds, I hope we can figure out what’s going on.


(Shane Lillya_SW) #3

Hi, thanks for the super quick response!! I would assume its something with the config file. When I was running the cnc with the other controller it was smoother at lower speeds if anything. Is the best way to post the config file to just copy paste it into here? Im also having an issue that the smoothie isn’t accepting drilling commands, would you mind taking a look at the config file to see if I enabled the drilling module incorrectly too? thank you!

(Arthur Wolf) #4

Yep, either paste it here, or paste it to pastebin.com and give us the URL here

(Shane Lillya_SW) #5

Thank you! it wont let me post the link because I dont have enough “karma” or something like that but its on pastebin with the end being “.com/LjkxUpNK”

(Arthur Wolf) #6

Hey there !

There are way too many weird things in this config file.
Can you please get a fresh config file off github, and modify -only- strictly what you need for it to work, and see if it works better ?

How come your steps per mm are so low ?