JigFab: a computational tool that automates the design and construction of woodworking jigs

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I found this write up of a Fusion360 plugin for making fabrication jigs. I say write up because I do not see the software available. What is interesting is that you can use your laser to make the jigs for larger woodworking projects. I hope the software sees the light of day!


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Hi @HalfNormal,

JigFab is project by Danny Leen and part of his PHD research. The plugin is not stable enough for public release as I understand from my last conversation with him (I’m part of his PHD expert commission). I don’t think a public release is currently in the books as it is still a lot of work (80-20 rule) and he’s currently mostly focused on finishing his PHD.

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Thank you for your insight. As you can tell by this forum we are all interested in all forms of fabrication and appreciate the hard work that goes into improving the process. Hope to see more innovative solutions.