Jerkiness in motion using GRBL-LPC

I seem to have some jerkiness in motion using GRBL-LPC

So I have GRBL-LPC and Smoothieware running on two separate Sbase boards I have. Using external steppers to move my custom machine and with all the equivalent settings being the same, the movement seems to stutter a bit with GRBL-LPC. This most apparent when doing engraving at 45 degrees where both the A and X are utilized simultaneously…

Any idea where to start looking?

That sounds odd. Usually grbl-LPC is much faster than Smoothieware on plaing gcode. Did you set grbl to laser mode with $32=1?

Which software do you use for sending the gcode?

I do have laser mode on and the behavior exists for both Lightburn and Laserweb4 on GRBL-LPC

To be clear I am testing Smoothieware with Coheshion 3D’s smoothie cluster update. Laserweb does not recognize this board. On Lightburn though it runs smooth regardless if I turn on smoothie cluster in the software.

I am not sure if this is a issue with speed in sending data to the controller as I am not moving very fast.