Jason Coon 's aurora demos running on my newly built 64x64 matrix.

(Marc MERLIN) #1

@Jason_Coon 's aurora demos running on my newly built 64x64 matrix. Took very little work to get it working (the code that is, the matrix was a bitch to build, a bit over 4 days of solid work).
Only the ‘Attract’ pattern isn’t looking too good and gets stuck in the middle, ignoring all the pixels around it.
Jason, does it look like a bug, or is it what it does on pixelmatrix too?

code: https://github.com/marcmerlin/FastLED_NeoMatrix/tree/master/examples/Aurora

(Marc Miller) #2

Wonderful display. Your 4 days off soldering paid off. :slight_smile:

(Marc MERLIN) #3

@marmil I need to make a blog post on it, but turns out soldering is not even 50% of the work. most of the work was

  1. cutting the cardboard backing to the right size, and marking where the strips were going to go
  2. cutting/fixing all the strips (they were second hand, some were broken or the wrong length)
  3. 320 glue points for the strips, one by one :slight_smile:
  4. cutting lots of little wires to the right length, stripping them
  5. only then does soldering come in
  6. then test each set of 4 strips (64x4) with a special neopixel tester
  7. build the 10 gauge power bus
  8. the hardest thing has been to solder all the little wires to the 10 gauge power bus turns out. They don’t like staying together.
  9. and all the twisted pair and wiring on both sides (seemed trivial but it was more work than I thought).
    Then again, nothing that @Yves_BAZIN does not know :slight_smile:
(Yves BAZIN) #4

@Marc_MERLIN Ahha but it’s good to share with every body. But I completely agree with you preparing everything cutting wires … it’s long and sometimes painful.

(JP Roy) #5

Great display, awesome animations and very nice music to top it off… Well done !!

(Marc MERLIN) #6

@JP_Roy the animations were shamelessly stolen from @Jason_Coon 's pixelmatrix (although I did have to port from smartmatrix to my FastLED::Neomatrix lib, but it only took a couple of days to get all the demos working once I got the hang of it).
As always, great programmers write great code. Better programmers even, steal :slight_smile:
Music is Above and Beyond: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNUTlKqSO-I

(Mark Estes) #7

ok, now i am motivated to check put Jason Coon’s cide

(Marc MERLIN) #8

@Mark_Estes you’ll want to check out my NeoMatrix code for Jason’s Aurora demos.

Aurora.ino in that directory will run the demos as configured (although you’ll need to make some changes to support your OctoWS output), and then each directory like https://github.com/marcmerlin/FastLED_NeoMatrix/tree/master/examples/Aurora/incrementaldrift allows you to run just that one demo.

If you feel inspired, you can also look at

which work, I think, but don’t look that great to me (maybe because some are not working as intended, has to know for sure until @Jason_Coon or someone else with a SmartMatrix can try the neomatrix version of those demos and compare them with the original smartmatrix version)
As for https://github.com/marcmerlin/FastLED_NeoMatrix/tree/master/examples/Aurora/_baddisplay they just look broken after I ported them. I didn’t have/take time to look further, but someone else, could and contribute back :slight_smile:
No pressure for you by the way, just posting this for anyone interested.