Jasmine Robinson's excellent Charlie the Jointed Puppy printed in colorFabb Filament  Bronzefill on my modified

Jasmine Robinson’s excellent Charlie the Jointed Puppy printed in @colorFabb_Filament Bronzefill on my modified @nop_head Mendel 90 with an E3D V6 through a 0.25mm nozzle using a PRINTinZ print plate.

I love this material, I just wish it was cheaper so I could do a full size bronze :slight_smile:


@shauki unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures but the print process was pretty much the same as with PLA. For the cleanup work I used a Dremel on its slowest speed with soft pads and some polishing/cutting compound, this is just to make it shine.

I did the version which is lying down. Obviously you need supports.