Jarret Luft  I found some issues in GRBL Workspace: TouchPlate:

@Jarret_Luft I found some issues in GRBL Workspace:

TouchPlate: If i use input for parameter @ input “Height of plate”, the this will not save. Every Time i repeat this input, can we fix this?

Macro: If it possible to start a macro at boot time, mabe at the JS Boot script? I.e. i need a macro to watch gcode and replace the toolchange command M6.

The Touch Plate would be a Jarrett issue.

The macro on startup has been on my wish list too. That would be a John Lauer item, or if there are any new volunteers, I’m open to that.

Ok, but to share the macros also not implementet now or? The macro feature save macros local or online?

Sharing macros is not implemented yet. When you save it only saves macros locally. There is cloud storage for each user in ChiliPeppr which is how the JSCut integration works. You have to be logged in for the cloud storage to work. So all the pieces are in place, it’s just that last mile of connecting them.

Hmm, no answer from Jarret? @jlauer you now he works on grbl? I need tinyG2 :slight_smile: