James's and My acetone vapour smoothing video as promised. PS.

James’s and My acetone vapour smoothing video as promised.

PS. Acetone just don’t go boom.

Nice, yea I’ve tested this with colored PLA just to see what would happen, terrible discoloring! Super careful when removing the object from the heated platform, they’re prone to smudges. Coat hangers work fine, just watch your fingers!

oh damn, I finished my bachelor in southampton last year and only learned later about the hackerspace there… never got the chance to actually visit :confused:
Nice vid, though!

Thought I’d share my acetone vapor bath results on the details of a 3D scan. 0.2m layer height abs print http://vine.co/v/bg3XApzF6EH

You know, I have to wonder if a heat gun might not produce a similar effect with the ability to direct the smoothing a bit more - it’s essentially dissolving the ABS, “melting” it… but heat can accomplish the same thing.

I did some acetone vaporing with an old coffee can and my gas stove. Boil the acetone until the fog covers the model, turn off the heat for about 30 seconds and stick it in a freezer. Boom, pretty prints :slight_smile: