Jacked up the Y axis on my Printrbot Simple.

(Alex Wiebe) #1

Jacked up the Y axis on my @Printrbot Simple. Great mod! Find it on Thingiverse – http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:242185

(Matthew Satterlee) #2

Nice prints @Alex_Wiebe ! :smiley: …I really want to make Jon’s printable 1405 bases and double precision X-axis once I get my hot bed dialed in with ABS. He does such nice work.

(Alex Wiebe) #3

You have a hot bed on a Simple? That’s next on my wish list - how did you mount it to the X axis?

(Matthew Satterlee) #4

Binder clips! I have the element between the aluminum bed and a piece of glass. My only problem is locating the thermistor so it gets reliable readings.