I've tried reading some other instances of folks receiving Not a Number(NAN) in their

I’ve tried reading some other instances of folks receiving Not a Number(NAN) in their GRBL workspace. I’ve tried re-flashing the version of Grbl (1.1) as well as trying in multiple browers. When I change the port server to “default” I don’t get NaN but I also do not get any coordinate tracking. I’ve tried turning on and off the filter as well and do not have any success. I would appreciate any help on how to get my coordinates to work, or what I did wrong in the setup to fix it.

Some Grbl users will have to chime in here. NaN would mean that the parsing of the incoming coordinates is off. My guess would be 1.1 changed the format of the coordinates being returned. If Grbl used JSON like most new CNC firmwares, this error probably wouldn’t happen.

@Frank_Tenney ​ Constructive Answer: downgrade your grbl firmware for the time being…

Why do I only see Peters comments, but not Johns responses? @jlauer , did you delete it or made it private?

@Werner_Drasch ​ I don’t think downgrading is constructive. Somebody should just correct that CP code. It’s not a big thing!
Grbl just stopped sending both MCO and WCO at the same time, because that’s redundant and slows down communication. You can select with $10, what coordinate system info to send and have to calculate the other one in CP.

Calm down boys, this is a totally unnecessary. Sometimes words are sharpen as a sword.

Better to think how we can make things better and direct efforts there.

I admire huge work, both of you did already and continuously provide new features and ideas. The whole community benefits from this.
Do not ruin what you achieved already.

The status report parser must be corrected for the new response format (around line 341).

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+Peter van der Walt and @Justin_Adie @sszafran , i think it’s able to find a serious Contributor for this GRBL Stuff. Sure @Jarret_Luft starts this GRBL Workspace years ago, but he don’t support this workspace really. IMHO, maybe some of the GRBL users are brave and try to build an alternative grbl workspace … it is easy and @jlauer explained everything in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=spdwWZC72uU

Hi @Frank_Herrmann - not sure it is quite as easy as that! whilst creating a workspace is facile, updating widgets that are written by other people is never straightforward.

to allow compatibility with 1.1 parallel code would need to be written to process output depending on the version number.

not only position information has changed. also G28/30 behaviour has changed and alarm reporting likewise.

probably looking at a number of hours work.

Ok $15 for a Due clone and $2 for two 8 channel level shifters, I still have half of my original LPT cable which came with the machine. Tinyg2 here I come :slight_smile: and I won’t lose the Nano grbl I have either.
PS. +Peter van der Walt I still won’t forgive you for encouraging me to go Smoothie for my K40 when GRBL is so much nicer and cheaper :stuck_out_tongue: (joking)

I saw another thread suggesting $10 is a way to fix this. Better grbl 1.1 support would be appreciated, of course.

@NathanielStenzel ​ what support are you looking for for grbl 1+?

It sounds like it might not parse coordinates as well as it should. I will confirm tomorrow.