I've seen stuff that is close to the problem I've been having,

I’ve seen stuff that is close to the problem I’ve been having, but not quite there… Been using Chilipeppr with a Pi (1) and Grbl for a long time now, and I seem to be locked into spjs version 1.80. Every version after that, Chilipeppr goes “dumb” and can’t seem to send any serial command. The queue stacks up, nothing goes through (or nothing gets acknowledged).

At this point, more by happenstance than design, I’ve tried on a Rpi 2, used a couple different versions of grbl, been through several raspbian updates, and a couple of Arduinos. Same behavior when I use spjs higher than 1.80. It’s saddening.

Has anyone seen this?

Is it possible you have the port locked by the older version of spjs when you try the new one? Have you tried the default buffer to see if you get anything that way? Screenshot perhaps to help us debug?

Is this of any use? Reading through the bumbling around, I’ve made sure the previous process isn’t running, started a new one, connected to it, and sent some commands from chilipeppr, which don’t get marked as “executed”. And yeah, all this is accompanied by also not moving any motors around. Just sits and stares.

I’ve connected to grbl via minicom, and I suspect what chilipeppr is seeing right now is the position reporting that grbl .9 spews (again, not a problem with spjs 1.80).

And, for completeness’ sake, this is an Arduino Nano knockoff I’m connecting to–one of Bertus Kruger’s creations. grbl is lightly customized, but just for spindle stuff.
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