I've seen some filiment advertised as gray and also silver for PLA ...

I’ve seen some filiment advertised as gray and also silver for PLA … The pictures look identical would love to see some pictures of prints done on filiment labeled as Silver. Thanks in advance this community is awesome :slight_smile:

All the silver PLA filaments I’ve tried come out as a shinny gray. The only one I have seen that actually looks silver is the Rapunzel Silver Tom Sanlanderer has used.

If you go with ABS you’ll probably have to acetone polish it to get it’s true color.

I will probibly just go with gray PLA for the cost and ease of printing…

I can show you a sample of the silver I’m currently working with if you like.

Would love a picture of silver

I set it on the sppol so you could see the info. I have used the Hatchbox silver as well and looks exactly the same to me, but was out of stock so I went with this other brand. Both are on Amazon and about as cheap as PLA gets, ~$22 iirc.
missing/deleted image from Google+

@Kura_kuea ​ thank-you looks like the final product is a glassy gray… I really appreciate the info thank-you

Yeah, it’s not SILVER, but has a nice silver like gray going for it. Same with the complimenting copper. :stuck_out_tongue:

The copper has a really nice tone

I got them both for a specific project and the spinner is a bit of a side distraction. My stackable, modular Mini ITX case is nearing final designs and hope to have something to post to here and Thingiverse soon. ^^

It really depends on the manufacturer, but typically “silver” is a bit lighter and slightly bluish compared to “grey” - still, both are often just a plain color. If you want the “metallic” effect, you should look for a filament that specifically advertises a metallic look.