I've recently bought a CNC Mill and it doesn't work


I’ve bought a 4 axis CNC mill for a little bit of wood working, but I tried using Mach3 (which was recomended for the CNC and it was on the included CD& USB-Stick) but it won’t budge, then I tried GRBL Control and again no movement, nothing.

Possible plan B would be to just buy another controllboard (GRBL or one that works with Estlcam), but if this works just fine and I did something wrong I would prefer the “plan A”.

Do you have any posible solutions?

Here’s the site I bought it from and some pictures of the controll circuit down below:

Can you describe what you have done to try to make it work in detail? It’s hard to guess what might have gone wrong otherwise!

In addition to what @mcdanlj requested:

  1. Picture of the control panel while powered up.
  2. Manufacture/model for controller
  3. Links to schematics/ wiring diagrams
  4. Links to user manual for machine/ controller

Some simple checks?

  • Does the PC have the driver installed and does it connect to the controller
  • Is there any movement at all under any user input conditions?
  • Is the Estop button “disengaged”?
  • Are there any manual functions available that you can use to test movement without the PC software?
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Ok, somehow it worked now.

It looks like I have just used the wrong input controlls every time. :sweat_smile:

And after finally finding and using the correct manual it was much easier.

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Are you good now?

Yes, everything works fine now and thanks for your help.

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If you get sick of Mach. That CNC machine is very much like the machine I have and mine has a DB25 connector on the back of the control box. I wired an Arduino Nano to a DB-25 adapter(wire screw connectors) but there are direct to Arduino shields( https://www.cnc4pc.com/db25-motion-controller-arduino-shield.html ). You can see the control labels and pin numbers on that page.

I’ve use bCNC, F-Engrave, CNCjs to control it since it’s just GRBL and most all software can communicate with GCode. I’ve used Kiri:moto to generate tool paths. http://grid.space