I've not seen this anywhere but I'm using laserweb at the moment to place

I’ve not seen this anywhere but I’m using laserweb at the moment to place a set of objects choose the settings for each one and then write the gcode to sd card.

Works great but… Is there a way to make it start the gcode at the top of an item rather than it working from the bottom up working from the top down?

I’m using a k40 and this would make it much easier to position the laser on my workpiece knowing where the top corner is rather than needing to know where the bottom should end up…

Are you homing to the top left of the machine and you want to default placing object on the grid starting from that location?

I think he means the raster op’s scan line order

I just reread it. @Tim_Anderson I’m not sure what you’re asking.

Here’s what I would do if I was using an SD card:

  • Pick a convenient spot on my documents to align by
  • Move the documents so that spot is 0,0 on the grid
  • Generate gcode, save it, move it to sdcard
  • Using the LCD:
    • Jog to that point on the material
    • Set Zero
    • Play

Sorry both, I am awful at describing things!

Yes I’m homing to the top left as it is a K40 machine BUT what I’m after is to set up the job in Laserweb, save the gcode to SD card and then move the SD card to my laser where I would then jog to where I want 0,0 to be and start the job.

The reason is because the laser cutter works much better from SD than USB, it would then be really easy for me to jog to the top left corner of the item to either be cut or engraved and press Play in Smoothie.

I think @Todd_Fleming , that is what you were describing but how do I set the top left parameters? Laserweb seems to have the point of reference of an object at the bottom left…

It is either that or bring it up in Laserweb each time, put it where I want it, generate and then do the SD Card shuffle, easy enough but I am wondering if if can be easier :slight_smile:

@Tim_Anderson If you’re loading image files, then Settings -> Application -> Raster Image Position controls it.

If you’re loading SVG or DXF files, then it preserves the file’s 0,0.

Awesome, thank you @Todd_Fleming I’ll have a play tomorrow :slight_smile: