I've managed to quite catastrophically break my son's 3D printer.

I’ve managed to quite catastrophically break my son’s 3D printer. It was the Fisher Delta (Beta) from RepRapPro. I think I need a new Duet board, new effector and probably some other bits so am wondering if I should cut my losses and get something else.

I like what I have read/heard about the Prusa i3 MK2S but it’s a bit out of budget.

I am wondering if anyone has ever bought one of the cheap clones from Chinese like Aliexpress and if they are actually any good or not? (Here’s an example: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/2016-Newest-Geeetech-Reprap-Prusa-i3-3D-Printer-Machine-Acrylic-Frame-High-Precision-Impressora-DIY-Kit/32596385388.html)

I really liked the Duet board with Ethernet and Web control.

Any recommendations please?

I got a Monoprice Mini for $200 from http://monoprice.com and so far have been pretty pleased with it. It only has a small build space, like slightly larger than a rubik’s cube, but it’s been reasonably reliable and pain-free to use. There’s a g+ community for it, detailing how it can be modified to make it more reliable or increase its build space.

Mentioned clone is not even same league as original prusa i3 MK2. It is based on MK1 and changed some parts to cheaper variant (as for example acrylic frame). It is not bad, but you can’t expect same experience as with original prusa i3 MK2.

We’re still producing Fisher kits, which have moved on since the beta version. We can supply any spare parts you need. Let me know if I can be of any help.

@Jean-Marc_Giacalone Thanks for the reply. I had a problem the other day when the extruder drive stopped working properly. It just juddered back and forth. So this morning I tried a different motor - same issue. I was going to try and swap a wiring loom but there isn’t another long motor drive cable. Anyway I thought I’d update the firmware - which went fine. Then I tried to home the axes and one of the three sides didn’t move at all and the other two drove the effector way off to the side which snapped the acrylic plates that hold the bolt and 6mm ball ends in place so now it’s truly fscked. :frowning:

Am open to suggestions or any links on properly analysing what is as fault.

Thanks again.

@Alan_Lord the first thing to check when a motor judders under no load is whether the wiring is OK. You can swap the motor wires between E and X on the Duet, then command short moves and see if a motor still judders. Also check the plug is firmly secured in the socket on the motor. If you need replacements, feel free to email me a list.

Anet A8 kit I bought on gearbest is really good and it seems quite popular according to thingiverse

@Ivan_Volosyuk Wow - that’s cheap for a printer with a heated bed. Almost worth buying so I can print the bits to fix my Fisher :slight_smile:

@Jean-Marc_Giacalone Thanks for the reply - I’ll do some more testing during the course of this week and try to determine what is actually at fault.

I’m sure we would enjoy more details about the disaster?

Aneway check out bibo great value for money but save the laser and dual head…

Bibi samples can be seen in my profile on thingiversee…

My best regards also to your son.

Kim Jacobsen

@Kim_Staus_Jacobsen I did explain what happened a bit earlier in this thread. Basically - the extruder motor stopped working and during my investigations I think somehow managed to disconnect one of the main X/Y/Z motors and when I tried to Home All the effector was driven, very fast, over to the side of the Delta and crashed! Breaking the materials that hold the ends of the arms in place :frowning:

I’ve not had any more time to deal with it yet but will do some more fault finding/diagnosis and try to work out what parts I need to replace.

In the mean time, thanks to the suggestion from @Ivan_Volosyuk I’ve just ordered an Anet A8 from Gearbest. I realise it’s a cheap printer and likely to need plenty of mods to make it work reasonably well but for £132.00 inc. shipping it will do as a standby and second printer whilst I try and fix the Fisher Delta.

@Alan_Lord ​ A8 works pretty well, a bit slow. At speed 35mm/s I get very high quality prints. I have to change Cura to version 2.3.1 as it produced much better results than the stock one. Original version didn’t deal well with ozing like this: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2095747
With new Cura ozing is gone.

I also made Ikea enclosure to be able to print ABS without warping.

@Jean-Marc_Giacalone I completed testing and it was the wiring - I re-crimped the duet end of the extruder motor wiring harness and it now works. I just completed your Contact Us form on your website as I will need some bits to re-build an Effector. Thanks