I've just ran into a nasty issue with ChiliPepper and Grbl (jpadie workspace).

I’ve just ran into a nasty issue with ChiliPepper and Grbl (jpadie workspace). After putting out a semi-decent contour run for a PCB, I loaded the drill program and did a quick visual check in the simulator. Everything looked fine, but when I started the actual program from the gcode sender, it executed the first contour program and almost ruined my board. As far as I know, I did all the steps right.

PS: The Touchplate widget doesn’t seem to be working anymore… used to be fine some 2-3 weeks ago.

Clear your local storage for the domain

Is that something I should do between any program change, or… ?

It is a safe move, but just keep in mind local storage gives you 5mb to work with

5Mb seems like a lot. By the way, is there any command to stop a running program without having to soft reset Grbl and therefore lose zeroed out position?

I think you’re touching on one of those famous topics about Grbl. I don’t recall ever hearing that Grbl got a solution to that. This was one of the famous reasons people started loving TinyG.

no changes have been made in over a year to the workspace nor to the autolevel widget that is called from the workspace. so if the user experience has changed then the most likely culprit is client-side or some unforeseen interaction from another widget that is pulled in externally and has since been changed.

the best way to debug (once you have ruled out pilot error and cache problems) is to turn on verbose mode and the JS console and see what is happening. There’s lots of footprinting in the code.

@jlauer Somehow, UGS works well enough here, as I can stop a program mid-flight and then unlock GRBL and go on about my business (which I haven’t been able to do with Chilipeppr - it just doesn’t want to stop a running program unless I hit open door). However, their autoleveler doesn’t work, so it’s not an option for PCBs

@Justin_Adie Autoleveler works fine, the touchplate widget is busted. But I’ll look into it. It’s been awhile since I’ve done any kind of front-end dev though.

EDIT: Looking at the console, it seems there’s an issue loading some modules:

Error: Load timeout for modules: inline:org-jscut-gcode-widget,inline:com-chilipeppr-elem-zipwhip,inline:com-chilipeppr-elem-gcodedata

and then…

SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier ‘page’. Parse error.

Shall I file a bug on Github?

Doesn’t this pause for you without losing position?
missing/deleted image from Google+

On the widgets loading, this looks like our typical problem of widgets not porting over from JSFiddle to GitHub. I think those may actually have GitHub repos now, so it’s just a repointing of the JSFiddle URL to the GitHub URL in the chilipeppr.load() statement. If there are not GitHub repos, then the old JSFiddle would have to get migrated which isn’t too hard.

I will take a look.

@jlauer Yeah, that pauses, but it doesn’t stop it completely. It says to use Ctrl + X to flush the buffer but that never works. I did find a workaround tho… I always look at the machine’s coordinates when I first zero it for a new PCB. Then if something happens and I need to stop it suddenly and reset GRBL, I manually jog until I reach the machine coordinates again.

Thank you both for looking into the widget issues.

@Catalin_Mustata please flush your cache and give the touch plate widget a try again.

i will look at the other widgets later.

@Justin_Adie Doesn’t work at all now… tried it in both Safari and Chrome. I usually use Safari, but thought about giving Chrome a chance too, just to be sure it’s not a cache / browser issue.

To be more specific, nothing actually happens when I press TouchPlate - the buttons stays unpressed and no error is logged in the console.

Autoleveler still works fine.

that’s awkward. I’ve literally copied and pasted from the working branch.
I will try to find some time later to have a look.

Don’t sweat it man. In the meantime, I’ve found a very nice workaround: I just the use Test Probe from the AutoLeveler which stops when it hits 0.