I've just had a quick play with this and it show a lot of

I’ve just had a quick play with this and it show a lot of promise.

Originally shared by Gary Hodgson

New 3D model sharing site based on github and allowing direct editing/rendering of openscad in the browser.

Rough, but neat. I haven’t yet figured out how to create something from scratch using their editor yet tho.

@Jason_Gullickson When you log in and go to the openscad editor there is a list of recently created files stored there.

You should definitely try this out with out the nightly firefox build (23, from http://nightly.mozilla.org/) that marcos recommends. Rendering a model is much quicker than in Chrome - very impressive!

hmmm, although the list of recent files doesn’t appear to allow them to be re-edited.

There’s a thread on the reprap forum started by the creator here : http://forums.reprap.org/read.php?1,198687

I just tried a 20kB .scad, 5 pieces, exploded view. It took 11 minutes to compile, but it looks correct.

Neat trick, but not something I’d use every day.

Hi Andrew, thanks for trying it out. Just to give you an idea of how much of a difference asm.js makes, I ran your model in Firefox 23 (nightly build), and it generated in 52 seconds, compared to your 11 minutes. Do also bare in mind this is directly generating the STL, rather than just the CSG view you can do in OpenSCAD.
There’s loads of improvements I’d like to make, but really want to work out if it’s worth the time investment.

@Jason_Gullickson Would be really pleased for any feedback on any rough edges in particular you’d like to see sorted. No olds barred!

Thanks @Marcos_Scriven , hoping to spend some “quality time” with the site over the weekend. Having a browser-based design tool like this would be awesome, and the github integration is delicious :slight_smile:

Hi - Just to let you know I moved the OpenSCAD URL to http://www.fabfabbers.com/openscad/ - I’ve not setup a redirect (which is the ‘right’ thing to do), but as it’s early days felt it acceptable not to have the old URL hanging around already. I’ve also made it so you can reload a previous generated STL back into the OpenSCAD view.