I've just fried my Smoothieboard when one of the cables (hotend temp) came loose

I’ve just fried my Smoothieboard when one of the cables (hotend temp) came loose during printing (it must have connected with GND or another cable).
What would people recommend replacing it with? I need to drive 5 steppers and LAN or Wifi (I currently use the Smoothie status page to monitor and control).

I am a big fan of the X5 GT, and the ReMix. Also the DuetWiFi is on my list to try. I haven’t used it in a build yet, but others I respect swear by the firmware and board.

I have 2 duet Wi-Fi and they work great! And they are so silent to! (Even on 12v)

Stick with smoothieboard. You already have all the connectors in place. Also it support the smoothie project which isn’t the case of the other boards.

I’m torn. The DuetWifi looks great to be honest. They also say that they have fuses in place to prevent what just happened to my Smoothieboard which is great!
I take your point @Maxime_Favre about the re-wiring, and also a new 5X would be cheaper and faster to get here. Having to set everything up again fom scratch means a lot of work.
@Markus_Granberg how’s the Duet firmware - anything lacking? I’m curious as it seems to be support by one gut only (is that true?)

I don’t have any experience with dual extruder so can’t say about that. But I do have heated bed, heated chamber, auto bed level and so on. I like that it runs its own web page so you don’t need a raspberry and octoprint (it does not support webcam!)
I come from ramps and will never look back! You can update the settings and firmware over Wi-Fi!! Take that arduino!

But I don’t have any experience with smoothie I’m sure it’s great tho!

@Maxime_Favre to my understanding Roy with Panucatt supports the Smoothieware project by contributing for each board purchased.

The Duet WiFi is awesome. Really love mine.

The v1.1 of the smoothieboard 5xc is quieter now with the 1/32 step drivers replacing the 1/16 drivers from the v1.0.

I’ve ordered the DuetWifi. Thanks everyone for your advice.

I’ve now installed my DuetWifi and completed a few prints and I must say, I’m amazed at how well it performs!
What stands out is the total quietness of the steppers, despite the fact I didn’t really mind the ‘noise’ before, it’s a huge difference. And my prints do looks cleaner using the same settings - I’ve finished a XT-CF print with no visible layering - something that I have bever achieved before.
Also amazing is the temperature control. After a one-off autotune the hotend stays well within +/-0.5 degrees, even when I turn the fan from 0 to 100%. I’ve never managed to get it so consistent with Smoothieware, despite hours of auto and manual PID tuning.
The web interface (and the panel) is different, maybe a little overloaded, but time will tell. The process of uploading a file and getting it to print is extremely simple (and much faster than uploading to the sd card over USB as I did before).
I can only encourage everyone to have a good look at this board.
Thanks again everyone.

@Markus_Granberg @Matthew_Kelch what have you configured for microstepping on your Duets? So far I’m working with the default of x16 microstepping using interpolation. I guess there’s no point in going to x128 microstepping over the default and with x32 I can’t use interpolation.

I’m running default

@Oliver_Seiler I’m still tweaking, but 16x with interpolation turned on seems to be a very good option.