I've just about completed purchasing everything for my Eustathios build.

I’ve just about completed purchasing everything for my Eustathios build. What’s left is the aluminum build/heat plate. Can someone point me the direction where I can have this custom cut to the shape of the current design? I plan on clipping a 300mmx300mm piece of borosilicate on top of it. What thickness aluminum should I go with that wouldn’t sag under ABS temps but also not take an eternity for it to get to temp?

I’m in Southern Cali (LA/OC area) if anyone knows a local place to refer me to I would greatly appreciate it!

Aluminium is unlikely to sag at anything under 1200F

My plate is 3mm.

This is the hardest part to source. I use 1/8" plate. I lucked out and had a friend with a CNC. Perhaps an opportunity for someone in the OX group to make some money? @Alex_Lee ​​ or @Brandon_Satterfield ​​ what do you guys think?

Should have my second OX complete end of next week. Be used for something like this. Customers have to come first, so been working on it for a long time.

Didn’t get to break down the Herculien cuts yesterday.

Sorry @Isaac_Arciaga could get you taken care of on the rods, had a small chop saw to do these hardened steel rods. It’s down.

Not a PC right now to check, but http://onlinemetals.com might work.

@Eclsnowman thank you. I checked out your Herc BoM and bookmarked the place you got it from. @Brandon_Satterfield No problem! It was worth a shot to ask anyways :slight_smile: Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. @SirGeekALot Thanks for the link. I will check them out!

I did find http://www.industrialmetalsupply.com It looks like they cut to order and do custom if u give a cut file. They have two locations local to me. I should be able to find out tomorrow what something like this will cost but finding someone with a CNC i’m guessing would be less painful to the wallet.

Less painful would be to build your own sir…:slight_smile:

I’m based in NYC and a lot of hackerspaces/makerspaces have laser cutters. AlphaOne Labs and Resistor have a decent member base, perhaps you could reach out to some people there (I’m not a member) and see if they’d be willing to leverage their membership for a couple of bucks to help a fellow out?

At the moment this is the brick wall/road block. :frowning:

FWIW, cutting 3mm / 1/8" aluminium plate is pretty easy with a circular saw, drop saw or table saw, with a stock ‘wood’ blade. Just give it a spray of lube, take it slow and steady.

I lent someone mt 10" drop saw last week and needed to cut some plate today, so ventured my Makita portable table saw -it worked fine, I used my circular saw in the past for extrusion, but you are better off with something easier to keep in a straight line.

I’ve got a 10" 110 tooth blade on the table saw that makes a beautiful job of alloy.

Judging by how easily it deals with 3mm, I would venture 5mm too, maybe even 6mm.

@Mike_Thornbury unfortunately I don’t own those types of power tools. I’m not one who is confident with a circular saw :slight_smile: I’m more than willing to pay someone for their time and materials for this one.

Hey @Alex_Lee you think your tuned in good enough? This guys in your state.

@Alex_Lee I can certainly source the sheet myself! IMS is a 30min drive for me. Are you in Southern California? I just submitted a quote at IMS for 6061. I should hear back soon.

@Alex_Lee Awesome! I’m in Cerritos. Will I need to purchase a sheet larger than the actual cut for this to work?


@Alex_Lee I purchased 16"x17"x1/8" 6061-t4 aluminum from IMS in Irvine. I’ll probably pick it up from their store this Weds/Thurs. I’m trying to figure out how to email you from here with no luck. (I’m new to G+).

@Isaac_Arciaga I think you can use Hangouts to send a message. It is remarkably non-obvious. Hover over the name, then select the little button at the bottom of the floating dialog (below the Add button).

@SirGeekALot Thank you sir.

@Alex_Lee Likewise!

@Eclsnowman and @Brandon_Satterfield thanks a bunch for connecting me with @Alex_Lee ! Brandon, I’m eyeballing the OX kit on your site :slight_smile: