I've installed FastLED via the Arduino libraries manager. I can compile the examples.

I’ve installed FastLED via the Arduino libraries manager. I can compile the examples.
I’m trying to compile https://github.com/Dany-Boy55/Addressable-WS2812-LED-controller and it does

#include <FastLED.h>
CRGBArray<NUM_LEDS> leds;

which produces the following error:

DIY_LEDSv1.7:14: error: ‘CRGBArray’ does not name a type
DIY_LEDSv1.7.ino: In function ‘void setup()’:
DIY_LEDSv1.7:21: error: ‘leds’ was not declared in this scope

[etc. etc.]

Now what?

What version of Arduino and FastLED are you using?

Please post your code to http://gist.github.com and share the link to it here.

Uh I linked to the code. Latest OR beta Arduino. Installed fastled from libraries manager as stated, so hopefully latest fastled?

@Martin_Espinoza1 ​ it looks like the FastLed library isn’t installed.

Have you had anither version of arduino IDE installed in the past?

I’ve had many versions of Arduino installed. But I can compile the FastLED examples, which show up in my menu…

@Martin_Espinoza i followed the link to the github repo, clicked on the link for the arduino file, selected “raw” view, and copy/paste it into a new arduino window.
Ctrl+R and it compiled first time.

I’ve put the resulting .hex here https://gist.github.com/hsiboy/c21a2845f7645b5fd0033233df18ac5a its compiled against a board type of Uno.

Maybe it’s an arduino problem, then. I double-checked to make sure I only have FastLED installed once…

If Arduino has picked up fastled, then during the early stages of compile you will see a benign warning from fastled itself.

You mean if it picks it up twice?

@Martin_Espinoza1 ​ no, not twice. Fastled spits out some information during the very early stages of compile. Do you see that before the error?

No, I do not.

Ok. Then it sounds like arduino isnt pulling in the fastled library.

Sounds that way. That’s disappointing (of Arduino) since I installed it through the fine library manager.

@Martin_Espinoza I thought you said you could compile the FastLED examples though, so it must be finding the library.

Well, that’s my thought too! FastLED’s examples show up in the menu, and I can compile them. Well, most of them? FirstLight builds. SmartMatrix doesn’t, gives a missing SmartMatrix.h. Hmm, that seems to be a theme with these examples. RGBCalibrate builds. There’s no unusual message before the build, though.

Maybe try removing the library, download it directly from GitHub, unzip and rename to just FastLED. Restart IDE. ???
I don’t know. This is strange. You don’t have the library installed in two places by accident so you?

I’ve looked a bunch of times to try to rule that out, and I can’t find another copy.

I finally just blew away the release version of Arduino and am using the beta and I get the message from fastled, and am now on to other reasons the code won’t compile for me :smiley:

Hmmm. Have you by chance ever installed a different version of gcc?

I have mingw installed. Have the Arduino folks not figured out how paths work yet?