I've got some extra time on my hands this summer and was looking into

I’ve got some extra time on my hands this summer and was looking into CoreXY builds and figured I make one so I’m looking for recommendations. I’d prefer to make the printer as sturdy as possible for as good print quality as possible. Looking to use smoothie but that shouldn’t affect machine kinematics. I would like at least an 8 in cubed build volume (~200 mm per axis) and would prefer to use linear rails although I’m really open to any suggestions as I’m still in the very early stages.


Triple C-bot is popular in that size range.

@Daniel_Kruger yeah that’s one of the models I was considering along with the Vulcanus Max and Herculien printers. Unfortunately the HyperCube looks to be the least sturdy of the three. Have you had any firsthand experience with it?

@Ryan_Carlyle I can’t find too much documentation on it. Just an incomplete Thingiverse page and an OpenBuilds page stating “work in progress”

@Adam_Steinmark http://www.akeric.com/blog/?p=3291


@Adam_Steinmark ​ I haven’t built mine yet, but I think that the greatly reduced moving mass (carbon fiber tubes and Igus bushings) it doesn’t need to be as strong. His prints look good to me. You could adapt the design to use linear rails for the Z. I’m trying to finish my MPCNC first.

D-bot is great and easily modded/upgraded.

I say take a look through the Digital Detist’s thread over at Reprapforums, he has a very pertinent and well researched design that (i believe_ is going to be popular: http://forums.reprap.org/read.php?397,659980
Best of luck with your build.

I’ll drop the FB2020 CoreXY here for consideration… https://github.com/AxMod3DPrint/FB2020

Thanks for all the input. I’ll take a more in depth look at each design and try to decide possibly this weekend. Feel free to add any suggestions or comment on the design of anything suggested.

Taking out Voron from consideration because it’s an H-bot not CoreXY. Also unfortunately removing Mark Rehorst’s printer because his CoreXY doesn’t have enough documentation and his other printers are well constrained but not CoreXY. Leaning towards D/C Bot since it looks easy enough to modify and I pretty much have my heart set on using linear rails and probably dual Aero heads. As far as I can tell the multiple revisions and remixes of the D/C bot design is different placement/number of lead screws for the Z axis. I’ll probably pick either triple C bot or D bot to modify and document my progress as best as possible for the community. Of course any input from you guys is always appreciated.

Sorry should have been clearer, I’m planning to use linear guides.

You can have a look on Eclips3d2