I've got a workflow question.

(Exploding Lemur) #1

I’ve got a workflow question. I have my desktop machine in my office, but the laser is in the garage. I can generate gcode from SVGs and DXFs but I don’t want to start the job unless I’m in front of the laser (something about vaporizing materials with a focused IR beam while the machine is unattended makes me a bit nervous). However it looks like everything for job setup and gcode generation is done client-side, so if I perform the setup on my desktop and then go into the garage with, say, my iPad to run the job, it’s just not there.
What is the intended workflow for LaserWeb? Am I missing something, or is this completely incompatible with my own setup? Also it looks like even things like machine profiles are only stored client-side? Is there a way to push more of the configuration and job storage onto the server?
Edit: This is with LaserWeb running on a Raspberry Pi, connected to a GRBL board via USB, and I’m connecting to the Pi from my desktop and iPad over my local network.

(Ariel Yahni (UniKpty)) #2

LW will not sync your jobs, you’ll need to do that manually. That can be done in many ways: 1- save the generated gcode and send it to the other machine ( local shared folder, cloud, etc ) 2- save the workspace and again send it over to the laser machine.
You could also run a VNC server on the laser machine and connect from your iPad. This are just a couple of ideas

(Claudio Prezzi) #3

The whole gcode is sent to the server at the time you push run on the client. If you immediately pause the job from the pc, you would be able to resume it on the tablet, but you woud not see the gcode on the tablet (just the actual position).

(Mike Thornbury) #4

Use the M6 code to pause your job, you can unpause when you’re in front of the machine.

Or use something other than laserweb - like Chilipeppr with SPJS.