I've finally cracked the Taulman Bridge I had hanging around.

(Ax Smith-Laffin) #1

I’ve finally cracked the Taulman Bridge I had hanging around. It’s printing really well on hairspray coated glass at 50c and Nozzle at 255. Images below are printed at 30mm/s at 0.28mm height with a 5 loop 3 layer brim.

I’m currently printing out a set of 8mm Nylon Bushings for the FB2020 plus just to sate my curiosity of using Nylon Bushings over standard bearings.

I’m using the 9mm inner diameter model from http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:24990. Due to the nylon shrinkage it works out dead on with no slop on the rods.

(Tom Keidar) #2

would love to hear how they work out, i’m trying to figure out if to try this or get some cheap graphite bushings from aliexpress

(Ax Smith-Laffin) #3

@Tom_Keidar - Im going to drop the XY gantry later and insert them. I’ll update once I’ve run a few prints off.

(Daniel F) #4

what nozzle diameter did you print it with?

(Ax Smith-Laffin) #5

@Daniel_F 0.4 mm. 100% infill. 2 perimeters 0.4 extrusion width

(Griffin Paquette) #6

I’ve been kicking around switching to bushings like this. If I have some extra nylon around I’ll try it

(Aria C Bramanta) #7

My bushing failed (printed with 106taulman nylon), but makes a great housing for igus plastic bearings, still prints using it, I’d go with tribofilament from igus for these bearings

(Ax Smith-Laffin) #8

At almost £70 with shipping for 250g of filament for the Tribo-Filament, I’ll give that a pass.

(Matt Harrington) #9

Ooh, maybe I should print some of these out in bridge.

(Griffin Paquette) #10

I’m trying bridge soon as well. Hopefully they will work well.