I've done a few projects in the past with led strips and the Teensy

(Steve Animatrix) #1

I’ve done a few projects in the past with led strips and the Teensy 3.2/OctoWS2811 shield with FastLED. I’m thinking of doing something larger and more complex, but not sure the right direction. Something modular and wireless, but each module is controlled via a single master controller, or interface.

Take an example of 2 independent (or more) light displays that are identical. Each has their own controller with identical code and can work independently, with various patterns. Now throw in a wireless option that can control both of them and sync them. So if you choose pattern 1, it will change to pattern 1 on both and run both in sync. Or, be able to trigger running pattern 1 on display 1 and pattern 2 on display 2 at the same time, etc.

It would also be great to somehow upload new patterns to the wireless units without reprogramming them. More of a plugin kind of thing, dynamically loading them like from a text file. Is that possible?

(Chris Parton) #2

I’m building something similar to what you want to do: https://github.com/sparkled/sparkled.

It’s an application that provides a web interface where you can set up stages containing multiple stage props (i.e. LED strips) and add effects that are synchronised to music. ESP32 clients connect wirelessly and pull down data over UDP for their stage props.

So it’s definitely possible! Sparkled is still pre alpha, but I’m using it for my Xmas display this year, which I’ll share soon!