I've discovered a few practices which help ChiliPeppr work better for me.

I’ve discovered a few practices which help ChiliPeppr work better for me. Thought I’d share them here.

  1. Use nc files which are under 1MB in size, this helps the whole GRBL workspace be more responsive and reliable. Generating seperate nc files for each operation is a way to reduce file size.

  2. Refresh the browser page after every GRBL reset. Else some of the UI will get stuck and be out of sync with the GRBL, specifically the in/mm indicators.

  3. If WebGL crashes, open a new instance of CP in a new browser tab. Opening a new tab seems to get a fresh instance of WebGL.

  4. If CP has trouble rendering arc segments in nc files generated with Fusion 360, try turning off “Smoothing” in the F360 toolpath settings.

  5. Ground the probe pin when not in use and be careful with static discharge. Not really a CP issue, but it did reduce the number of halts and disconnects.

Does anyone else have some items to add to this list?

Man, this is a great list. Thanks so much for writing this down. I’m about to do a long cut so will try grounding the probing pin.

One thing I’ve found is writing down machine coordinates at my zero point before I start a cut. That way, if grbl gets reset, I can home, do a g92 to set xyz to -1, then move to those coordinates and re-zero.

Thanks again for sharing these. Much appreciated.

When you say grounding the probing pin you mean the one used to zero the Z? and also what are you grounding it to? Sorry for the questions :slight_smile: Great work!

I just hook the alligator clip to the banana connector when not in use (see link to picture). Not sure what pins these wire to on the Arduino, but it must be the standard probe pin. I use an Inventables X-Carve and X-Controller.

Does this photo link work? Is it accessable?


yep, link works

Cool beans I get it

Yep, this just protects the probe from recieving static discharge I think. My setup seems to generate a lot of static charge.

Thank You for this!