I've collected quite a few unique filaments over the last months - it's time

I’ve collected quite a few unique filaments over the last months - it’s time to put each one through its paces.
Basically, lots and lots of 60-second reviews with a tight regiment of tests for each filament. Would it be too much to post each one here?

Please do and Include the Manufacture.

These reviews will be helpful.

Nice idea. I suggest some spring scales for seeing how much force they can handle before yielding

Please include Poly-Carbonate and different alloys like PC-ABS and PC-Plus/PC-MAX and different PETG blends as from my experience this is the material giving the best print quality so far.

Yes please!

@Mike_Kelly_Mike_Make exactly what I’ve got planned!

I’m searching for a material with low friction and hi strength. Which can be printed on a Ultimaker hotend max 250C.
So adding a friction test shall be helpful for me.

I’m fine with it - your channel basically sprang from this community, so I’ve always felt like your videos were de-facto approved to be posted here.

Thomas as your channel goes pretty professional so far, I think it will be helpful to try to keep the strength tests near to laboratory standards. This days you can bay this equipment pretty cheap via ebay or you can make press and hammer pretty easy.

Thats exactly what I have waited for a long time, a reliable source of material tests. Best filament I’ve ever printed: black Greentec from extrdr, lignin based.

Hey @Thomas_Sanladerer ​ I got a colleague that’s selling a high strength PLA that I’ve been using for my prosthetics. How can I get you a spool of it?

I am so looking forward to this. For the heat test, did you consider putting a weight on a printed beam then heating in a toaster oven? It would be nice to know at what temperature a part begins to sag.

If you put print part in the pot with boiling water for a period of time then check it, is it gonna be more consistency testing than pouring hot water on the part?

I’d be interested in your findings.


It’s about time filaments got some real hands-on testing - it’s difficult to compare, but I’m looking forward to seeing the results and how the testing regime evolves over time. Good luck @Thomas_Sanladerer

Something similar to http://the-digital-picture.com but for filaments instead of camera lenses would be a dream to have.