Ive been working on this printer for some time now.

Ive been working on this printer for some time now. I cant seem tobfigure out why i cant get more than the base layer printed until it becomes a mess. Any guidance would be of great help. This is becoming more than a challenge and more of a detrement

Kinda looks like it isn’t cooling fast enough. If you have an old PC fan laying around, hook it up to blow on the bed and see if it helps. If you don’t have one, maybe try printing at lower temperatures. Not too low though

Def having adhesion issues. Couple of questions:

  1. What material?
  2. What temp? For the nozzle and the heated bed. (Blue tape makes me assume PLA, but still worth asking)

Lets start there.

Probably your plate is cold. Those pcb plates are slow to heat up, and are colder at the corners. Try printing in the middle of the bed, or adding some insulation to the underside of your heated bed (I find that corkboard works well).

It also looks like your bed isn’t level, judging by all the plastic wedged around your tip, the nozzle may be too low where it’s printing the square, or too high and at too low a temp to get free of the blob on the nozzle.

Im using 3mm ABS. Reptier firmware and host.

It is hard to see from the video, but is it actually extruding? If it is it looks like your z endstop might not be set right and the nozzle isnt close enough to the bed. I havent had any problems with blue tape not sticking, but you might also swab it down with rubbing alcohol before printing on it

ABS doesn’t care about blue tape. You need a very hot bed. What are your temperatures?

225 for the nozzle and 55 for the bed.

I added another video to this page showing results that I typically get.

Try 100 or 110 for the bed. :wink:

I think the hot bed is not hot enough for abs to stick on. I used 250 & 120 for extruder and hot bed.

ok, so I played with it some more and I set the bed to 115 and the nozzle to 225. This works absolutely perfect actually. No flaws in the printing at all. After 5 months on and off of working on this thing, it finally works!

Congratulations! I am still fighting after two months. I will probably get it working this weekend. Well, I´ve said they same thing last weekend…

me 2

Just like your other post: extrusion is too low for your layer height. Try to set it 0.25 for a 0.40 nozzle. And/or use the exstrusion multiply in slicer and set it to 1.2 or so.

The dragging of the fillament around the bed means there is too much space between the extruded fillament and the blue tape or the first layer.

I run my abs at 235 and my bed at 120 - Kapton tape. Never have any problems with adhesion. Did the nozzle perhaps catch the screw sticking up from the bed and get a burr where the hole is?

I don’t know if someone already suggested or not, but try mixing white glue with water and applying that to the build surface, it helps the plastic to stock really we’ll once it’s dried on there.

I was able to get the bed to 115 last night and now it wont reach that temperature. Back to the drawing board.

Look for drafts in your room. Turn up the heater.