I've been working away on the design.

(André Roy) #1

I’ve been working away on the design. I’m in the process of printing my 2nd fuselage prototype. One thing I’ve learned from my glue experiments is that CA can hold a load in shear well. So I’m experimenting with this style of joint for smaller printers. I should be doing my first glue test today.

As soon as I can show that the new parts all fit together, I’ll make a public release of my CAD and STL files. That should be shortly. It won’t be flyable yet; it’s to help those that want to experiment with me.

(André Roy) #2

Glue joint works pretty well, could be made even stronger by increasing the ridge depth.

(Siniša Saćer) #3

I am printing my RC quadcopter in ABS , and glueing with tick ABS slurry, glue joints are same as rest of the piece if not even stronger.