I've been work a few hours to night to get the belt on my

I’ve been work a few hours to night to get the belt on my reprappro Mendel to track right but I just cant fix it. It drifts from side to side I just don’t get it. Any ides on what to check for would be really helpful.

Based on the photo, I’d say your pulleys are not in-line with the belt mounts on the Y axis plate. A small video may help reveal more.

Ok another thing. The distance of the rod on one side (call it the master rail) should be equal. Look at the rod on my left as I view it, the two distances do not look equal.

Not the exact same, but same principals: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MthYBGs1P0g

Thanks. I’ll doubled check that. Great video.

I have the exact same problem. I believe it’s the source of my ovals. I would think a v-groove bearing sleeve would help. I have tried moving the bearing and washers side to side on the threaded rod for not much improvement. I even checked the alignment of the two bearings with a laser level. The belt just always seems to drift randomly and scrape the washer sides.

I moved my bearings toward where the belt drifts and eventually got it working well enough.

It needs convex profile pulleys really, NOT CONCAVE, it’s counter intuitive but a belt will climb to the top of a curve.

@Bracken_Dawson any thingiverse (or other links) to the type of bearing sleeve you are talking about?

The Eckertech ones look good

I don’t use any by the way.

Did you solve it? I’ve got the same problem.

I didn’t find anything that fixed it completely. I went over the frame and remeasured and realigned everything. The motor mount was easy to get skewed so maybe I’d got that wrong. The frog is not completely 90 degrees to the front and back rods so its hard to get the belt to align over the motor, frog and the bearings. I got it better than before so I left it at that and finished the printer. I’ll keep an eye on it and move it back if it get to far of the bearings. I have printed about 100g(~33m) and it has not been a problem.

Mine do occasionally rub the penny washers, it doesn’t seem to be a problem.