I've been wanting a way to attach add-ons to my 3040 CNC forever.

I’ve been wanting a way to attach add-ons to my 3040 CNC forever. I finally broke down and made a perfect aluminum bracket so I can swap in/out custom acrylic holders for lasers, solder paste dispensers, @Frank_Herrmann 's XATC, etc. I love how it came out. Only broke 2 end mills getting this aluminum milled.

Awesome, i like this design. I’m curious what u want to add on this beautiful holder?

Only broke 2 endmills hahaha. Awesome John.

Well, I have all sorts of PnP stuff I still need to dive into including Ray’s custom adapter. I always have 2 lasers going–the 0.1mm precise UV and the powerful 450nm NUBM44. And I still have the DMP16 auger. I’ll end up with still swapping but this will make it easier.

Nice! So, anything you want to share about milling aluminum? Not that it would apply to my weakling 300W spindle…

@Kevin_Hauser I do aluminum on my 300W spindle. No problems.

Ok, here’s what I found for milling this plate. I used a 2.4mm two flute HSS end mill. Ran it at 10k RPM on my 300w spindle. Did a 0.2mm depth of cut at 120mm/min feed rate since I was milling slots rather than edge milling. I probably could have gone with 0.5mm but kept it safe after breaking my single flute 2.4mm end mill. I ended up with aluminum chips that I think are too small but slot milling is scary so better off going slower. I used @Brandon_Satterfield 's recommendation of the Tap Magic Aluminum spray as lubricant which did wonders.

@jlauer @raykholo Excellent, and thanks! I’m finally moved, and I can SEE my CNC behind a stack of boxes. It’s inspiration to get unpacked and back in the game! As soon as I have a desk I can sit at I will hop back on and make long-overdue improvements to the config widget, and then add another widget John mentioned to me a long time ago…

Don’t worry Kevin there’s only 14 more widgets on the to-do list. We’ll keep you busy :slight_smile:

Wiring up a Tinyg control box today. Thank you Kevin for moving this along. Some middle school kids are getting the machine I am working on now. They are also getting a rotary axis but we won’t start using it for a while. I have used it a bit with Chilipeppr but just as a hack exchanging the y for the rotary and experimenting to get the radius so the graphics came out right.

The school has indicated that they will want more machines if this program works as we hope it will. They will start with ArtCAM Insignia as their main design tool (we want to do 3d) and the teacher will be learning to use it and the CNC and ChiliPeppr to cut what they design.

We plan to get a number of school shop teachers learning this workflow in the next year or so. The teachers are new to this so I hope you are kind when they ask questions. I will have them join this group but the design side will be where the will spend most of their time.

I post this to assure all of you that your work affects people you may never meet. We are making headway and have our first CNC PO after some bumps in the school system. This is a public school district with 20 schools so while it has taken us a while to get in, we are in so be prepared to see what kids can do with your tools in the next few years. :slight_smile: