I've been studying CNC stuff so much lately that one of the cards on

(Mat Helm) #1

I’ve been studying CNC stuff so much lately that one of the cards on my “Google Now” tells me that CNC stock fell -3.4% on the NYSE…


(Mat Helm) #2

@Paul_Frederick Have you thought about starting a linuxcnc community? Was just searching around and found none.

(Paul Frederick) #3

I’m just a user of the software I am not a member of the project. Linuxcnc has a really nice website, and IRC channel already. So they have plenty of community now.

(Mat Helm) #4

@Paul_Frederick Plenty yes, user friendly, not so much. But a user is the best perspective I think. The way it is now is like talking to the guy who makes sausage about the best sausage. He may know the right answer, but you don’t want to know why. You just want to eat your sausage. At least you thought you did before you met him…

It’s not a big deal. Just post your thoughts and finds. Maybe answer a question every now and again. And kick out the occasional spammer…

(Paul Frederick) #5

Hmmm. Back when I was setting my Linuxcnc up they helped me out. Maybe those guys aren’t around anymore? I remember someone going by the nick cradek being very knowledgeable, and helpful. One thing I noticed is they don’t know much about Linux though. Enough to get by, and that is about it. Luckily I didn’t need that kind of help, just with Linuxcnc specifically. To them Linux is just the cart that carries their wares. For a long time the name of their project did not even mention Linux, but there is a company in South Africa named EMC that sent them a legal letter telling them to change their name. I think they picked Linuxcnc because it is so goofy no one will ever go after them for using it.

(Mat Helm) #6

@Paul_Frederick Haven’t actually spent much time, or at least not read many forum type post, so I was thinking more of past experiences with linux sites in general. But you are one of the few that actually does the math, literally. And from the links you post on the subject, I think you’d have fun by having a place where you could post whatever linux/cnc crap you like. Plus it makes it easier to find certain things you read before I think. On my diy cnc 2 site, I scroll down all the time to find a link or reference how it was I did something before. It’s kind of like a blog I guess, only with more outside input… and not as (fill in your own politically incorrect word here)… ;p

(Paul Frederick) #7

@Mat_Helm Linuxcnc users are not your typical Linux users. I’ll just leave it at that.