I've been running both my prototype machines on Bondtechs,

I’ve been running both my prototype machines on Bondtechs, and they have been running flawlessly, I truly believe this is the best extruder out there.

Originally shared by Martin Bondéus

I am now proud to say that things evolve in the right directions, the interest is growing for my products and this have lead me to increase the production batches and this makes it possible to reduce the cost of my products. I would like to thank all you fantastic customers that have made this possible.

Prices are reduced with up to 30% and I hope that this will make it possible for more people to start to use the best and most reliable extruder on the market. Also there is a growing number of custom mounts in order to get an easy installation.


With best regards
Bondtech AB / Martin

@Alex_Lee ​ and coming from a guy with more printers than the population of most towns in North Dakota this says a lot :wink: