I've been receiving email from someone at CGTrader (I assume they are doing a

I’ve been receiving email from someone at CGTrader (I assume they are doing a mail shot to Thinigverse users) about uploading my models to them. I don’t plan on selling my models, but I did have a look around and saw they were selling STLs for printing.

I’ve had a quick look at some of the models and I think quite a few would be very hard (if not impossible) for most people to print. Fair enough if the model is free but if I have paid for it, I’d want some guarantee I’m going to get a printable product (particularly if I have paid in the 100s of dollars range). Still, I don’t know how you would rate “difficulty”.

Some of the jobs in the Job section are worth a few chuckles…:slight_smile:

I was also contacted. At the end I said yes. If I got it right, my models will be free to download but CGTrader offers a print&ship option for people without a printer.

Without exception, every site that has contacted me regarding putting designs for sale on their site has failed my interview process, and it usually doesn’t take more than one email or a cursory glance at their site. If they don’t care about their customers, I don’t trust them enough to do business with them. In a number of cases, the people have flat out admitted to things I feel are unethical (usually involving respecting licenses). Why would I want my work associated with these folks?

I’d love to hear some positive experiences from others, though. Any good stores to sell stuff out there?

I post open share design at Thingiverse and was approached by cgtrader. I happily posted all of my thingiverse models to their website as well. I had no issues, no complaints, and see it as just another place where people might enjoy my models.

I’m starting to have issues with their blatant advertising here in the community as well. There’s always some sort of semi-legitimate looking account spamming cgtrader links from time to time.

Wouldn’t it be a safer/better route to put your models up on Shapeways.com and make $$ off your models that way?

It’s safe to say that they have headhunted the emails from Thingiverse users to supplement their offerings and in turn legitimize their own website content.

Thingiverse has set the bar pretty low in terms of user community expectations…what they do have is a large audience.

I see cjtrader putting extra effort in developing its user community, and I kind of like it.

Thingiverse has evolved into looking at ways of profiting from the shared resources of its own community.

Granted, the business model is probably the same for both websites. It isn’t community anymore… it’s content