I've been out-tree'd!  I'm going to have to step up my game next year.

(Jason Coon) #1

I’ve been out-tree’d! I’m going to have to step up my game next year. :slight_smile:

Originally shared by Maniacal Labs LLC

Christmas Tree Light-Show with AllPixel, BiblioPixel, and PixelWeb

Ever since working on the Adafruit APA102 Disk, it seemed the next logical step was to apply the same idea to a Christmas tree. So, last year after all the holidays, when everything was on sale, I picked up a 7 foot tall white artificial tree. Green would…

(Andrew Tuline) #2

Wowser! What an awesome display.

(Jason Coon) #3

Yeah, it’s a string of 350 8mm WS2811. He did a fantastic job with the mapping.

(JP Roy) #4

Hi @Jason_Coon , thanks for that link !!
It is very very close to what I need to do for my own tree… will definitely assimilate that LEDcircle class !
However, I see that all the 350 LEDs in his tree are physically laid out in a single cone shape.
In my case the LEDs are not just on the surface of the tree but also inside as well. I could describe it as a number of cones stacked up on top of each other, kinda like them Russian dolls !
Still it is an impressive set of animations that I hope to reproduce before Xmas !

(Stéphane FRANÇOIS) #5

Grrr… He did it faster than me. That’s my plan too this year. Just received some extra WS2811 8mm strings and 50 PL9823 F5 for my star coz last year I miserably failed using the WS2812B 144Leds/m strip. It was way too tight between the sections of the strings to make the star shape.

The cool thing using polar coordinates is you can also use the tree as a led matrix if you get enough columns / rows. It allows to show some simple icons, text scrollers and so so on…

(Adam Haile) #6

Thanks! Only reason I beat people to it is because I set it up on November 1st so I could beta test some new animation code and have enough time to write a blog post about it to give users of our AllPixel time to do it themselves before Christmas :slight_smile: I would normally never put up the tree that early :slight_smile:

I like the cones inside cones idea :slight_smile: The original LEDCircle was designed for a disk, so purely 2D… for the tree I figured it was just an extruded disk over a point. But I’ll have to look into having stacking cones :slight_smile: shouldn’t be too bad. Instead of (ring, angle) as coordinates you could just do (level, ring, angle). Would also work well for what I imagine would be a really bad-ass volumetric cylindrical display :slight_smile: Cause I don’t have enough huge displays to build these days…

(JP Roy) #7

Hi @Adam_Haile ,
Love your tree and I am just about ready to dig into your code to adapt it to my own tree.
I would change my description of ‘stacked cones’ as it is not accurate. It would be slightly more accurate to describe it as ‘stacked cylinders’ but even that does not describe accurately the quite irregular alignement of my LEDs. You probably have the best description… it is a really bad-ass volumetric cylindrical display !!
Here’s some links to pictures & videos I took last year that should help understand the physical layout of my tree…

I would appreciate any hints you can provide as to how I could efficiently adapt your code. Keep in mind that this all to be done on an Arduino MEGA. I hope I have enough processing power there to get the job done as I can’t change that this year !
My best regards, JP