I've been out of printing for half a year.

I’ve been out of printing for half a year. What’s the latest in slicing technology? (reprap / open source stuff)

I like Slic3r - http://slic3r.org/

Slic3r is one of the better ones, it just works…

Slic3r is pretty much king right now. Cura also has some nice features.

What About kisSlicer?

I’ve heard good things about KISSlicer in terms of print quality and the like, but I’ve no interest in trying and getting tied to a non-open source app. I’d rather dink around with Slic3r or Skeinforge/Printrun. I need to update my Slic3r though, see what’s new.

Has anyone ever used the Pro option for multi-head printing? I’m really really curious (especially as I have this ole Rep1 sitting here and the thought of getting a second head on my Bukobot).

I enjoyed Cura, like KISSlicer even better and am just now toying with NetFabb engine for Ultimaker. I know, I know, not open! :stuck_out_tongue: I haven’t given Slic3r enough time but many people like it.

KISSlicer seems to do supports well, but I’ve never played with it because (as previously mentioned), it’s not open.