I've been messing around with the auto-level within the GRBL fiddle,

I’ve been messing around with the auto-level within the GRBL fiddle, able complete the auto leveling, view/save probe data. However, I can not view auto-levelled Gcode, I click the button/window/frame browser the button becomes shaded it appears the browser bogs down a bit and then any action taken no matter within the browser or anywhere else just causes the View Auto-Levelled Gcode to become ‘un-selected’. I tried dumping my cache/history in the two browsers that I use already.

My gut is telling me that it worked and your auto-levelled gcode is in your gcode widget now. Can you look at the gcode in the gcode widget and see if there are any comments in there? I can’t tell from the screenshot because you have that widget closed. Then you should just hide the auto-leveller so the 3d warpage rendering doesn’t hide your rendered gcode lines.

Well, I am trying to add another photo to this thread but it appears google won’t let me.

Let’s try this:
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My gut was correct. See all those al z mod comments in your gcode.

Yep, saw that and figured that’s what I meant, but wasn’t sure. Thank you for your help.

The problem is you should only modify your gcode once. You have done it multiple times which ruins it.

Yeah, that was me messing around with the auto level, ‘tweaking’ it. Basically I just need to dump it, run it again.