I've been having problems with print quality on my Felix 3.0,

(David Martin) #1

I’ve been having problems with print quality on my Felix 3.0, and switched to using Kisslicer. Soooo much better.

(Keith Applegarth) #2

What were you using before?

(Mr covert) #3

What he said

(Peter L) #4

I found the same when I tried kisslicer, so much better after using slic3r or cura

(Keith Applegarth) #5

My experience with Kisslicer and Cura was just the opposite… I could never get either dialed in like I did with Slic3r.

(Zviad Sulaberidze) #6

the last version of kisslicer (beta…) is one year old…

(Hakan Evirgen) #7

actually Slic3r can be used with any printer, which accepts g-code. And it is one of the best.

(David Martin) #8

I have been using Slic3r. Each has a few unique features and controls, but Kisslicer seems to produce better paths.

(Tim Odell) #9

very interesting the varying experiences. I have not tried kisslicer yet but will compare it to Slic3r

(The Hozza) #10

I haven’t tried Kisslicer either, must give it ago…

(David Martin) #11

Kisslicer has fewer knobs, but all of the important ones are there. The UI is a bit clunky. I much prefer the pan/zoom/rotation interface. The automatic part packing works well enough, but doesn’t allow you to rearrange the parts manually (or I have not figured it out yet). “Read the documentation” you suggest. “Bah!” I say (waving hand), “Documentation is for sissies.”

(David Martin) #12

Last night’s print:
Google Photos

(Keith Applegarth) #13

Looks pretty good. How does it compare to Slic3r ?

(Daniel Bull) #14

I’m a big fan of Kisslicer as well. Its fast, easy to use and excellent at just about everything except bridging.

(The Hozza) #15

Which version of Kisslicer do you recommend using?

(Daniel Bull) #16

I’m using the stable.

(David Martin) #17

It’s a 3.0 dual. I melted one of the isolators before I got around to making them work together. The stock Felix extruder is a clever assembly, but the thermal design is a failure. Instead of replacing the PEEK isolator, I bought a E3D Chimera and am working on a new extruder assembly:

(David Martin) #18

I also find that Slic3r crosses paths with multiple parts, and Kisslicer is much more efficient about choosing extrusion order and reducing extra motion.