I've been getting some warping issues with ABS recently.

I’ve been getting some warping issues with ABS recently. All seems to start on the top right corner. Tried various solutions. Kapton tape being the latest but still not able to stop my prints from coming away from the heated bed o_O

Add a brim. Keep the bed hot around 110c. Make sure there are no drafts in the room you’re printing in. Even think about boxing the printer in to preserve ambient temperature.

Cheers, I’ve got the bed temp at 110c ATM the temp of the room is lower than usual though so that may be worth a try. I’ve never needed a brim in the past so I’m a bit skeptical about that but I’ll give it a whirl if I feel the need to start pulling my hair out :wink:

I print with 120c on larger area prints to prevent warping

@Anthony_Truss interesting, I was always under the impression that a bed at such temps would make warping worse. Worth a try though.

I use hairspray at 90c.

Oh yeah, forgot about hairspray, that can help a lot.

am thinking slowing down the first layer as a guess

@Richard_Mitchell and @Bastian_Schneck I’ve tried hairspray in the past but that was before swapping out the glass and using kapton tape before. The print seems to stick better in general apart from the back right section which lifts after a few layers. The most recent print seems better, still warping in the same place, it seems reducing the infill helped keep the part in place.

Put helper discs in the corners or turn on brim if your slicer has it. ABS wants to shrink. And the shrink forces concentrate at corners. Once you have a small peel, it will keep growing.

I think @Richard_Mitchell may be on to something with the ambient temperature suggestion. I’ve turned the heating up in my room and the latest print seems to be sticking.

Dissolve some scrap ABS in acetone and wipe it onto the build platform with a lint free rag when the platform is cool. Print with the platform at 110 and it will stick like glue! No need for rafts or an other anchors. It is awesome.

@Curtis_Swartley I’ve been meaning to give that a try, especially for my bigger prints, but I keep forgetting to buy more acetone o_O

Slight over extrusion or higher temperatures on the first layer are other ways to improve adhesion. Or start a little closer to the bed.

Are you sure that x axis is parallel to the heated bed? Something looks odd to me.

Winter prints suck. You might be better off having the printer printing in a corner away from a window or in a closet.

@NathanielStenzel printing in the winter definitely seems like more of a PITA than other seasons. I’ve found putting the printer near a radiator seems to help quite a bit though

@Yomi_Colledge It looks like yours is off the ground. I should relocate mine because it is on the ground feet from a big glass door. I have to resort to 110c bed temp and aluminum foil wrapped around the base of the printer.

Some have placed insulation on the bottom of their heated bed to make sure it retains heat. You could look into that and proceed with caution. Aluminum foil will reflect the heat back at the heated bed, but you can’t let it short your circuits. It will result in more even heat and lower heat up times.

@NathanielStenzel yeah, I put it on a desk yesterday. In getting much better results after increasing the ambient temperature. I’ve played about with using aluminium foil on the heat bed before but the kapton tape seems heaps better. Eventually I’ll build an enclosure but that’ll have to wait a while as I’ve got heaps on at the mo

Oh. No. You don’t understand. I meant the aluminum foil was for underneeth the heated bed and temporarily (during heatup) on top of any glass used. I did not mean print on aluminum foil.

I do want to try printing on aluminum foil some day…when printing metal (evil laughter here)

@NathanielStenzel Ah, soz, I meant I’ve tried to use aluminium between the heat bed and glass