I've been getting some excess filament when printing.

I’ve been getting some excess filament when printing. About 5 hours into printing the gauntlet it got caught up and shifted the entire print over 1/4 inch. :frowning:

There were some strings (technical name?) hanging between the sides of the gauntlet that I think probably need addressing.

The cable chain seems to be starting off a little rough in the picture.

that looks like over extruding, or close to the bed, but id bet on esteps too high, try turning down by 10% just to see what difference you get, or raise z height a nats knob. You might even need to do both

That skirt thickness around the edge looks about right, so my money is on esteps being too high as well, or filament diameter being incorrect.

Ever since I switched to this method my prints have been ridiculously accurate and extrusion / surfaces are vastly improved: https://youtu.be/cnjE5udkNEA

Each roll just gets its own extrusion multiplier marked on it with tape and a marker, it takes almost no time.

I wouldn’t touch esteps if it’s already been okay before and i guess you already did a calibration on esteps?

Then like Eric said calibration per filament role would be important. If you use an extruder like Slic3r their are quite some options to setup your profiles right for extrusion - with S3D i didn’t have too much luck with that so far but that’s maybe just on me :slight_smile:

It’s the same for every printer. My Prusa E3D started to print a lot better once the esteps were set correct (i.e. 1 cm of fillament is really 1 cm), and I started to check the fillament diameter (3.1 mm is not equal to 3.0mm). Further make sure nozzle parameters are set correctly in in slicer software, e.g. slicr3r. Then you get into the next step of setting retraction right.

My esteps were off by 3mm. I followed the youtube video @Eclsnowman and I set my extrusion multiplier to 0.96.

I printed this 20mm hollow cube and wow!! Looks really good! The block however is:

X: 19.97mm

Close enough or should I adjust the steps some more?

I bet if you printed the same object again youll get slightly different ± 0.05 without changing anything with ref to X and Y. Loss of height on the Z will be in part to do with Z height setting and the squish onto the bed

I thought this was an issue with my Printrbot Simple Metal, but since it just happened on my Eustathios Spider V2 I think it’s caused be Repetier Host…

I was printing perfectly fine and when I went to start my next print job it acted like the printer has lost its mind and where the Z starting point should be. When I Z home it was pressing the plate down. So I have seen this on both printers now. Anyone else experience this?

The good thing about it sliding across the glass and taking the blue tape with it, was that it motivated me to get the hair spray and print directly on the glass. :slight_smile:

@bcrazycramer have you calibrated Z height with everything at temp. The bed and hot end grow when up to temp shrinking the distance.

@Eclsnowman It was printing good. I didn’t change anything that I’m aware of.

What exactly is the process of calibrating the Z height?

How much hairspray are you putting on the glass? I sprayed it three times but my test shark print peeled up pretty easy. I’m spraying it again but with quite a bit more this time. I’m using Auqa Net Extra Super Hold. Round two here we go…

@bcrazycramer ​​ I just recently tested 3D Eez by @argas231 ​​​. It works great with ABS and a heated bed. I am going to move away from hairspray moving forward.

It hasn’t been a good day for my 3D printing. I guess I don’t understand the Z calibration. Also when I home everything, I get different levels every time I hit home Z? Once I use the piece of paper to make sure everything is the same on all 4 corners the print head comes out and is like 1mm higher than normal, or it drags across the glass.

Clicking home all has two different outcomes. One drives the nozzle into the glass and the other is where I slide the paper under the nozzle while it is heated up. Frustrating!!!

Is your Z endstops loose? Also check that the bed seems stable if you wiggle it. Lastly, I use shielded cables on my endstops to minimize noise.

Hello… I am Argas231 Tony Gaston Creator of 3d EeZ…http://www.3D-EeZ.com Eric has just mentioned 3D EeZ to you I just thought you might like to see more about it

@Eclsnowman I’ve checked the end stop and frame. It’s strange that every time I hit “home all” it alternates between those two different outcomes. The wiring is shielded.

@bcrazycramer your z-home position is always determined by the firmware. the host software can’t change it. if you hit the home button for all axis in Repetier Host it sends G28 to the printer which makes the firmware move axis by axis to the home position.

The printerbot does have auto leveling while your Eusthatios doesn’t, right?

It sounds a bit like as you would have construction issues anywhere. can you do a video of that different homing processes on the Eusthatios? One where it happens that you end up in different positions?

@Helmi I’m not exactly sure what’s going on but I’m thinking on Monday I might try printing something and when it goes to print I will pause the job and calibrate it from the exact spot it is at that time. Not sure what else to do. I don’t know maybe Monday I will walk in and it will start working. I could record a video of this happening but like I said, when you home all it drives the nozzle into the glass and when I home all the second time it goes to the spot where I calibrated it. Hitting home all again will just repeat this process. Once I start the print job it starts like 1mm off the glass! I don’t see anything physically wrong and find it strange that it could be if it does the same exact thing every other time I hit home all.

You’re right my Printrbot has auto leveling and my Eustathios doesn’t.

The only other thing I can think of is something I did this morning caused my issue. All I did was adjust esteps and filament multiplier. Not sure how any of this would cause this issue.

@argas231 I will be ordering this to try it out. Thanks for the link. I tried to search for it but I couldn’t get find the correct site.