I've asked this same question on the PJRC forum, but it is cross-cutting,

I’ve asked this same question on the PJRC forum, but it is cross-cutting, so I’ll ask here as well:

I’m working on a project that uses a Teensy 3.2 running this: https://github.com/PaulStoffregen/OctoWS2811/blob/master/examples/VideoDisplay/VideoDisplay.ino. I’m not displaying video (actually about 1000 leds mapped on a sphere). I’d like to get the color correction goodness of FastLED. I think this shouldn’t be too difficult- has anyone done this before? Also I’m willing to consider other suggestions.

I have a non FastLED version working using a modified version of the example processing sketch (ported to Scala and pushing data over USB using http://fazecast.github.io/jSerialComm/

In summary the system would look like this:
PC/RPi generates frame of RGB values, sends data over USB to Teensy running FastLED which adjusts colors and renders using code similar to this:

My current hardware implementation only uses ~1000 LEDs, but I want to be able to scale it out, so maintaining multi-teensy support would be nice.

I got this working, but I changed the data format of what gets sent to the teensy.