It's super easy to turn the 3D models you already have into something special!

It’s super easy to turn the 3D models you already have into something special! Using the free tool Blender, I show you how to use and tune “modifiers” that add a functional, artistic or even just a unique touch to your stl files.

The results of the subdivision modifier would’ve been better had Thomas converted the polygons in the model from triangles to quads. The owl was well modeled, and there’s probably a quad version out there somewhere (in a format other than STL), but STL files only support triangles, so the quads were broken into triangles. If he had gone into ‘edit mode’, selected all faces, and hit alt-j, the triangles would’ve been joined into quads, and the subdivided mesh would’ve retained the ordered character of the original mesh, which would depict the surface with better fidelity. (This is assuming that in this case Blender chooses to pair the triangles correctly, which isn’t always true).

these are so cute,\

Thanks for doing things like this with FLOSS tools that run on all platforms cough unlike cough meshmixer cough.

@Dan_Kortschak Blender may not be my absolute favorite tool usability-wise, but when it comes to functionality (and ethos), it easily blows Meshmixer out of the water!

@Thomas_Sanladerer A nice series of videos of be different workflows for a variety of part designs using FLOSS tools would be cool: organic-ish forms, mechanical/engineering forms and things that can be parameterised etc, particularly showing which tools you think are best for different applications.