It's seriously satisfying to see your printer's quality degrade slowly over time...then solve the

(Mike Miller) #1

It’s seriously satisfying to see your printer’s quality degrade slowly over time…then solve the problem. Old hobbed bolt on the left, new hobbed bolt on the right.

(Tim Sills) #2

Wow, that’s good to know cause I would’ve been chasing temp and other extrusion related factors.

(Chuck McManis) #3

So how did the bold degrade? Clogged? Or eroded in some way?

(Mike Miller) #4

it visually looked okay, but I had to apply more and more tension to keep it from slipping against the filament. the harder I clamped down on it, the more likely it was to deform the filament and cause feeding issues.

At first I just thought the bolt had loaded up and cleaned it out, but it wasn’t til I compared a new hobbed bolt (with nice, sharp ridges) and the old one (which has had a year of use, easy) that it became apparent that the old one was used up.

(Mark Estefanos) #5

whered you buy the new one?

(Mark Estefanos) #6

nevermind, saw your other post

(Mike Miller) #7

I bought the first one on ebay for $6 or so. Be warned, your printed gear and Bolt need to be both metric or sae or you’ll have a devil of a time tuning retract.

(Mark Estefanos) #8

Noted :slight_smile:

(Griffin Paquette) #9

Funny how such big issues can be solved by something so simple as a Hobbed bolt. Nice post Mike.

(Mike Miller) #10

Plus experience. I think it’s the polar opposite of Makerbot’s ‘the MagicExtruder doesn’t work? Send it back, we’ll ship you a new one’

While it’s easy to dismiss the tools and knowledge I have at hand. The new hobbed bolt used stuff I already had (drillpress/mill, vice, skate bearings, tap) and $.35 worth of raw material.

(Griffin Paquette) #11

In the end anyone can go buy a makerbot but the people that are going to really move this technology on is the people like yourself that are the DIY’ers.

(Mike Miller) #12

I’m just ecstatic that I can do this stuff…face it, I can’t fab a GPU, or make a cellphone I’d want to own, but I can build a printer and expect good results.