It's possible to make a knock-off of a machine,

It’s possible to make a knock-off of a machine, even if it’s not open source? Shocking.,204017,204017#msg-204017

So, they said that its 100% brand new, no open source parts where used. They also say that they will release all the design files in some time. From what i understand they are not producing them yet, we can only see renders. It uses 1.75 filament, Marlin, 200x200x200 print area, with a Helios ir MK2 bed, no details about speed.

Aren’t the ardupilot boards being knocked off in <30 days now? Security through obscurity doesn’t work.

@Nicolas_Arias I was referring to the fact that it’s an obvious knock-off of the Replicator 2, which is not open source because MBI was afraid of knock-offs.

@Whosa_whatsis yes, i know. They even say that it will be priced below a rep2…


I like the yellow one :slight_smile:

gasp But that suggests they have advanced knowledge of metal-based fabrication techniques! Who told them? :wink:

Nice example, one of the arguments I have at work is not to waste time focusing on IP searches on simple products. It doesn’t matter what you do with hardware, unless you have a unique manufacuring process someone can copy your product. Spending time and money on IP only gives you that comfortable feeling you have done something. Skip it and you can focus your energy on improvement and stay ahead.

Is inspired by the replicator 2, but the mechanical design is brand new.
And design it has taken a long time.